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How to upgrade and use Power-Ups

Hey, Joyriders!

Our latest update introduces three upgradeable power-ups: Boost, Shield and Cash Dash.

Each power-up can be upgraded a total of five times, increasing their power and providing even more value in the process.

Be sure to upgrade each power-up so you can fly further, take more hits, or unlock coins at record speed!


- Open Jetpack Joyride
- Click the flashing arrow in the top right corner
- Select “Shop”
- Click on the new “POWER-UPS” button
- Find your power-up of choice and select “Upgrade”

You need to unlock “Shield” and “Cash Dash” before they can be upgraded. The “Boost” power-up is available free of charge to all players by default.


Look for the floating tokens which appear in the middle of a run. Collecting a power-up token will automatically trigger the power-up and its effect will be applied immediately. Simple!

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