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Jetpack Joyride 1.9.17 Patch Notes

Hey, Joyriders!
Here's a list of all the major changes and features we've added in our latest update.  Most importantly, Utilities have NOT been removed from the game despite some adjustments. You can find them at the start or end of a round as mentioned below.

- Christmas theme has been activated for all players
- Extra gadget slot added by popular demand (IAP only)
- Three upgradeable pick-ups: Boost, Shield, Cash Dash


- "Utilities" button replaced by "Pick-Ups" in the Store
- Headstarts can now be purchased or activated at the beginning of a round
- Quick Revives and Final Blasts can be purchased or activated at the end of a round
- Sleigh of Awesome, Santa Outfit, Deck the Halls Jetpack and 5,000 coins at a discounted rate (limited time only)
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