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Problems purchasing Halloween Bundle


Apple users can restore missing in-app purchases by completing the following steps:

- Open Jetpack Joyride
- Press the flashing arrow in the top right corner
- Click "Shop"
- Select "My Profile"
- Scroll to the bottom and press "Restore Purchases"
- Hit "Restore"

Players operating an Android device will need to contact customer support for direct assistance.
Please include proof of purchase and your Bricknet account information so we can process your request quickly.
Proof of Purchase

This can be your order number or the email address which is linked to your Google Play account. Please click here if you need help locating your order number.

Bricknet Account Information

1. Open Jetpack Joyride.
2. On the home screen where it says "touch anywhere to play", tap on the arrow in the top right corner of the screen.
3. A menu should appear from the right of screen. Select your profile at the bottom of this menu next to the speaker icon.
4. On the bottom right of this menu, select "support".
5. An email should automatically open with some prefilled text in it. Just copy and paste that information into your existing email thread so we can restore your missing data.
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