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Changes to utilities in Jetpack Joyride

Hey guys,

We recently made some changes to the way certain utilities appear in the game.

Please keep reading for more information.

1. Did you remove Quick Revives and Headstarts from Jetpack Joyride?
No, but we did move them to a new location. More on that below.

2. Can I still use coins to purchase Quick Revives and Headstarts?
Yes! You can purchase Quick Revives and Headstarts at the start or end of a run. You no longer need to dig through several menus just to find what you're looking for.

3. How do I purchase Headstarts?
Headstarts can be purchased at the beginning of a run. You have approximately five seconds before the prompt disappears.

4. I can't see the purchase prompt. What's wrong?
The purchase prompt will not be shown if you're low on coins or already have an existing supply of Headstarts. You will need 750 coins to purchase the basic Headstart and 1500 coins for the Super Headstart. Again, the purchase prompt will not be displayed if you already have an existing stockpile.

5. How do I purchase Quick Revives?
Quick Revives can be obtained at the end of a run. You can acquire Quick Revives by spending coins or watching a sponsored video. As above, you will not be able to purchase Quick Revives if you already have an existing supply. You can always purchase more once your current reserve has been exhausted.

6. Can I still buy Headstarts and Quick Revives from The Stash?
No. You can only purchase these items at the start or end of a run as described above.

7. What happened to the bundles?
Unfortunately these items are no longer available for sale. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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