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Unauthorised Purchases

Some of our games feature optional in-app purchases for users who wish to enhance their gameplay experience or unlock items at a faster rate.

All users receive a confirmation screen when they attempt to make an in-app purchase and this is the same screen which appears in every game on the App Store. This screen warns users about the cost of an item and includes a real-life monetary value to distinguish it from virtual currencies within the game.

By default, users are asked to enter a password before proceeding with a purchase. The only time this does not occur is when a user has already entered their password within the last 15 minutes. You can set even tighter password restrictions on your device by following the detailed steps in the following article: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4213

Unfortunately, Halfbrick has no control over purchases and refunds made through iTunes which means you will need to contact Apple directly. Visit http://www.apple.com/support to get started and be sure to include all relevant receipts with as much information as possible.

Sorry that we can't be of more assistance but we truly hope you get it resolved! If all else fails, please contact your bank directly and inform them that these purchases were made without your permission. They may be able to help.

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