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Yes Chef FAQs

  • How can I earn free coins / energy / power-ups?

Yes Chef has a rewarded video system integrated into the game.  If you play with an active internet connection the game will provide you with the option of watching a small advert and reward you for doing so with a gift of currency, energy or power-ups. If an advert is available to watch a Present icon will appear on the world map towards the top right corner of the screen.


  • Why should I update Yes Chef! regularly?

Keeping Yes Chef updated will ensure that you're receiving the latest and greatest new content that we keep adding to the game for free!  We're also constantly fixing small issues that creep into every game so being updated ensures you're having the best play experience possible.


  • Will I lose my progress if I update or re-install?

You should never lose your progress when performing a normal app-update.  However if you completely delete and re-install the game you will lose your progress unless you have signed in with a Facebook account.
Signing in with Facebook means we can store your game progress on our servers so that you can pickup the game on another device, at home or in the event that you've reinstalled the app fresh.  


  • What devices can I play Yes Chef on?

We support iPod Touch / iPhone and iPads running a minimum of Apple OS7

We support a wide variety of Android devices running at least a minimum Android OS of Gingerbread (2.3.3 – 2.3.7)


  • Can I play on different devices and keep my progress?

Yes, as long as you are signed into a Facebook account we can store your game progress on our servers which will allow you to pick up where you left off on another device.   


  • Can I play Yes Chef on my computer?

Yes, we have a Facebook version that you can play on your PC.  You can visit this version here.


  • The game keeps freezing/I'm having problems with the game. What should I do?

Please contact our helpful support staff with details of your issue at:


  • How do I get my Fruit Ninja dojo?  I reached level 30, but didn't receive my Fruit Ninja dojo!

This feature is firstly and unfortunately only available on Android builds.   After completing level 30 inside Yes Chef simply tap on the Fruit Ninja watermelon icon visible on the World Map and press the "Claim" button for this gift.  The game should then open the Fruit Ninja application automatically and award you the gift.   If you do not have Fruit Ninja installed, please install it first and then repeat the steps.
If you encounter any issues please contact our support staff who can assist you:


  • Why should I connect my Facebook account?

Connecting your Facebook account is optional, but doing so will unlock the following benefits:

  1. Ability to store your game progress online.
  2. Ability to send exclusive gifts and helpful items to other Facebook friends who are also playing Yes Chef.
  3. Ability to continue your mobile game at home on Facebook on your PC.
  4. Receive a bonus 20 coins.   


  • Why can't I connect my Google+ account

We're sorry but only Facebook is supported for now.


  • Can I invite my friends to play Yes Chef?

Yes, If you're signed into a Facebook account the game will give you several optional choices to send energy or gifts to current friends playing or invite those that aren't.


  • Do I need an internet connection to play Yes Chef?

You don't need an internet connection to play the regular game of Yes Chef and can play it offline.   You do need an active internet connection to make any purchases and to also use any of the social features in the game.  


  • How do I get past the gates on every 10th level?

We provide three options for getting past these level gates.

  1. Send an invite to 3 friends to play the game, they don't have to join, you just need to invite them. 
  2. Pay 20 coins.
  3. Earn the required amount of stars.  If you're short on stars try replaying previous levels and getting a higher score to earn them.  


  • How do I earn medals and what are medals used for?

You earn a medal whenever you complete a level with a 3-Star rating.   This medal can be spent on player upgrades to help you earn energy faster,  get higher scores or cheaper boosts!  Spend them wisely, but don't worry, if you do make a mistake you can always reset your talents and spend the medals again by paying a small currency fee.


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