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Star Skater FAQs

Star Skater FAQs


  • What can I use Sk8 Bucks For?

Sk8 Bucks can be used to have a turn of the in-game Prize Machine.  This Prize machine will award random prizes including Magic Burritos, Decks, Wheels and Awesome new Playable Characters! 


  • How can I earn Sk8 Bucks for free?

Sk8 bucks can be collected whilst skating down a level.  They are also awarded at the end of the level depending on how well you skated.   You can also receive them as a gift from the present box as well as earn them by watching short videos in the game.


  • Why should I update Star Skater regularly?

Keeping Star Skater updated will ensure that you're receiving the latest and greatest new content that we keep adding to the game for free!  We're also constantly fixing small issues that creep into every game so being updated ensures you're having the best play experience possible.


  • Will I lose my progress if I update or re-install?

Yes, at the moment you need to keep the game installed in order to keep your level progress.  We are looking at adding cloud saving in a future update.


  • What devices can I play Star Skater on?


Supports iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices running a minimum of OS 8.0



Supports all Android devices running a minimum of OS 4.0+ - Ice Cream Sandwich.  


  • What is that Share Replay thing on the results screen?

Star Sk8r will automatically record your game-play allowing you to share your fastest runs, sickest tricks and bone crunching stacks to your friends and the world on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and even Email!   Sharing is completely optional.


  • Why do you need access to my Camera and Microphone?

With the share replay feature you also have the option of recording your face and voice over the top of the video, allowing you to create you very own "Lets Play" styled videos.   Again this is a completely optional feature. 


  • I found a issue in the game, what should I do?

Please contact our helpful support staff with details of your issue at:


  • Do I need an internet connection to play Star Skater ?

You don't need an internet connection to play the regular game of Star Skater and can play it offline.   You do need an active internet connection to make any purchases and to also use any of the social features in the game.  


  • When are you going to add more levels / characters / tricks to the game?

We're working hard around the clock to bring you awesome new levels, characters and items to the game! Stay tuned for news and updates coming soon!



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