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Monster Dash FAQs

  • What happened to the old Monster Dash where I could run endlessly?

This mode now exists as “arcade mode”. You’ll need to complete the first six challenges to be able to access this mode. It’s found on the main menu down the bottom, center-left.


  • I’ve bought the Incredi-bubble and/or Mega Magnet item in the store but I can’t equip it!

The incredi-bubble and Mega magnet once bought will allow these items to appear during every run. Otherwise each day they’ll only appear a few times so you’ll have limited runs to make use of their abilities.


  • What is the point of coins?

Coins are used to level up your character. Tap on the level up button on the main menu and check out the cost of level up along with what gains you’ll get.


  • How can I get higher scores on jetpack levels, there’s too many enemies!

Try to fly at the very bottom of the screen, this is quite tricky, but you’ll be able to reach very high distances with practice!


  • I’ve completed all the challenges and been given some kind of “jacket” how do I equip it?

Congratulations! The jacket is a permanent equip that is automatically applied once it’s been unlocked. It gives you three extra hit points that appear on your hearts meter as metal overlays.


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