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Jetpack Joyride - General FAQs

  • How do I get S.A.M. and how often is he available?

S.A.M. is an acronym for the Strong Arm Machine. SAM was created by a lonely scientist who was envious of all of the hi-fiving going on at the Legitimate Research Facility. SAM is activated by collecting the three S, A, and M floating tokens that will appear during normal gameplay. SAM is available once per day and as a bit of a hot-tip, if you use SAM when you are on an already good run, SAM has the potential to help you set a new high score!! Combine a strong run with SAM and then when you die, use a Quick Revive to get those valuable extra meters!


  • How come items from The Stash keep disappearing?

You have discovered a feature that was added to Jetpack Joyride some time ago called the Rolling Inventory System. The Rolling Inventory System cycles Jetpacks and Costumes in and out of The Stash every week. Be sure to come back each week as any outgoing items are placed on sale at 50% off!!


  • What is the highest Player Rank that anyone has ever achieved in Jetpack Joyride?

The Player Rank increases every time you complete missions in the Jetpack Joyride Mission System. Recently a fan messaged us on Twitter and has taken the lead at rank 2190. He's told us that he played the game for around 1016 hours! Now this guy is a legend!


  • I have heard that Jetpack Joyride has events. How do I access these events and tell me more about them!

Yes, Jetpack Joyride now has some sweet events for you to enjoy that we will be running regularly. To access our events, you need to be connected to the internet and you may need to play a game or two to ensure your device has synced to our servers. Once you have played a few games, return to the Home Screen and look for a new button in the top left corner of the screen. That button will inform you that an event is in progress, just tap the button and start playing!

All of our events are simple, yet awesome fun to play. Get involved and see how you fare against your friends in the event leaderboard (seen in the Results Screen).


  • The Halfbrick Cloud and why you should use it

If you play Jetpack Joyride, we highly recommend signing into the Halfbrick Cloud. The main purpose of signing into the Halfbrick Cloud is that we will always have a permanent record of every game you have played, every item you have purchased and every In-App Purchase you have made and this will be true across iOS and Android platforms. What this means is that if you play Jetpack Joyride on your iPhone and then decide to play on your Android phone/tablet etc, if you are signed into your Halfbrick Cloud account that you can simply continue playing on as many devices as you choose to and never lose your progress, forever. 

If you make an IAP on your Android device, it will be available on your iOS device and vice versa. If you have a bug and get in contact with us and provide your Halfbrick Cloud ID, we can easily restore your game. 

If you lose your phone with 3 years of Jetpack Joyride save data, or you destroy your phone…. If you are signed into the Halfbrick Cloud, then when you get your new device simply download Jetpack Joyride (free) and sign in again… and guess what? Yep, all of your progress will magically re-appear!! 

In summary, Halfbrick Cloud = cross platform game saving and never, ever losing your data.


  • How many Prestige Badges are there to earn in Jetpack Joyride and how do I earn them?

Prestige badges are earned by completing missions. Each time you complete a mission you earn 1, 2 or 3 stars. These stars help you level up your player rank. Every time you complete 15 levels of player rank, you earn a new Prestige Badge. For each Prestige Badge (15 levels) you need to collect 63 stars. Simple!!!  

In total there are 125 prestige badges to collect in Jetpack Joyride… well, why are you still reading this?? Get playing!! 


  • Why should I care about completing missions?

Great question! Completing missions is not only fun, but very rewarding. Every time you fill all of the stars for a particular rank, you will receive some coins. Coin rewards start around the 200 mark, but by the time you have completed Level 15 you will be up to 3,000 coins!!

Ultimately, completing missions in Jetpack Joyride is the PRIMARY objective. The more missions you complete, the more coins you earn. The more coins you earn, the faster you can purchase all of the gadgets, jetpacks, clothing, vehicle skins and utilities.


  • What happened to Jetpack Joyride on Facebook?

It’s back and better than ever! Click here to play it now: https://apps.facebook.com/jetpackjoyride/


  • Why does Barry Steakfries always have ripped shirt sleeves?

Because Barry has a Shirt ripping disease


  • How do I get Flash?

Flash is Barry Steakfries trusty companion who will help you collect coins, knock over scientists and collect special items in your travels. To equip Flash go to The Stash and into the Gadgets section. Scroll down to section 6 and equip Flash as one of your gadgets. Please note that if section 6 is still locked then you will need to purchase other gadgets to unlock section 6.


  • My game is busted! What should I do?

Send us a support email by following the link at the bottom of this FAQ. We’re here to help!



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