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Hollywood Game Night FAQs

  • How do I play Hollywood Game Night?

First you get your friends or family together to play a fun game of Hollywood Game Night using your mobile phone or tablet! You will only need one device.

Choose between two styles of play:

Team Game - divide your group into two teams of up to 4 players each, then go head-to-head in 4 randomly chosen game modes. The team with the highest score wins!

Quickplay - jump straight into the action by selecting a specific game mode to play! No team setup required and unlimited number of players. Requires a minimum of 2 players.

At the start of every game you have rule cards applicable to that game mode that you can read through by swiping left and right, or a tutorial video voiced by Hollywood Game Night’s very own Jane Lynch. The tutorial video will explain the rules of that particular game mode using step-by-step instructions.


  • Is there a single player mode?

Hollywood Game Night is a party game and requires 2 or more players. So get some friends and family together to play a round of ‘I Love a Charade’ or ‘How Do You Do?’


  • How many people can play Hollywood Game Night?

Quickplay game modes are designed for 2 or more players, while Team Game is designed for 4-8 players. Team Game can be played with larger groups if some people are willing to not have a name entered on the game board.


  • How many devices do I need to play Hollywood Game Night?

Just one! Hollywood Game Night is played by passing your phone or tablet around as the game is played. The holder of the device will be the one acting, singing or giving clues while their friends try to guess the words on the device.


  • I bought a new category but I don’t know how to play it, help!

When you buy a new category, the new category of content is added to existing game modes. That category can immediately be played in the game modes that it is available in. To find out what game modes your new category can be played in, you can tap on the category listings on the main screen or consult the list below:

Celebrities can be played in ‘Take the Hint’, ‘Link in the Chain’ or Clue-Boom!’
Books can be played in ‘I Love a Charade’, ‘Take the Hint’ and ‘Clue-Boom!’
Games can be played in ‘I Love a Charade’, ‘Link in the Chain’,‘Take the Hint’, and ‘Clue-Boom!’

Landmarks and Cities can be played in ‘Take the Hint’ and ‘Clue-Boom!’
Sports can be played in ‘I Love a Charade’, ‘Take the Hint’ and ‘Clue-Boom!’

Select the game you want to play and then select the category to play using your new content.

PS. Remember, if you can’t find your new category in the game you want to play, you can swipe to the left and right on the category select screen to cycle through the game categories.


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