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Fish out of Water FAQs

  • I finished in the top 3 for my league but didn't get a trophy. Why?

In order to receive a trophy for finishing in the top 3 on your league leaderboard, at least 3 other players must have earned a score.


  • I switched to a different league and now my trophies are gone. Where did they go?

Trophies are league specific, so if you switch to a new league you'll start again at no trophies and will have to finish in the top 3 to earn more.


  • How can I earn more crystals?

Completing 3 Goals will cause you to level up and earn a chest full of crystals. Keep completing goals, and you'll keep levelling up and earning crystals.


  • Is there any way to change how a fish behaves when thrown?

Yes! Each costume changes the way its wearer behaves significantly. Finding combinations of fish and costumes that work well together is the key to getting high scores! Complete as many Goals as you can to receive crystals that can be used to purchase costumes.


  • What is the Pro Score leaderboard?

When you earn a score of 9.7 or more, even if you use a charm to do so, you'll unlock the Pro Score leaderboard. From that point on, each time you receive a score from the crabs without using a charm, you'll also receive a Pro Score (calculated by multiplying skips by distance), and earn a place on the Pro Score leaderboard!


  • I tried to join a league but it said that the league was full. How many players can be in a league?

A league can have 100 players.


  • I finished with a good distance and loads of skips, but didn't get 10s from every crab! Why?!

Crabs are people too (well, they're crabs, but you know what we mean) and they're not always in a giving mood. Dorothy may be less impressed with your 600m today than she was with your 500m yesterday, but catch her in the right mood with your best throws and all of the 10s will be yours!


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