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Fruit Ninja FAQs

  • My game keeps crashing/won't launch!

Try the following to resolve the issue of Fruit Ninja not starting: Go to the app permissions setting for Fruit Ninja (located under Settings > Apps > Fruit Ninja Free > Permissions) -> Turn on Storage permissions

  • Where have half the old blades and dojos gone?/Why aren’t they unlockable anymore?

You can now earn the Benjamin Blade, Northern Lights Blade, Wind Blade and King Dragon Dojo back in Challenge mode. 

  • How do I sign in to save my progress?/Why can’t I take my data across devices?

Players can access their profiles via the Settings button on far right of the top bar

  • I’m not given starfruit that I have sliced during the game

Sliced starfruit is instantly added to the player’s starfruit count, so won’t appear on the results screen 

  • Why does my download keep failing? What is error 905/903 (Google Play store)

This is an issue with the Play store app, and players need to clear its cache (Device Settings -> Applications -> Google Play Store -> Clear cache 

  • I can't log in with my Google account!

Try logging in to Google Play Games- if you see a "signing in is required prompt", there's something wrong with Play Games itself, in which case you should check if the Play Games app is up-to-date and check other games to see if you have the same problem. If there is an issue, please Google the issue for a solution or escalate it to the Play Games team.

  • I can't log in with my Facebook account!

This is an issue either with your Facebook settings, your device, or its connection to the internet. Make sure you have a solid internet connection, and perhaps restart your device after you've cleared its cache. If that doesn't work, I would then check your Facebook security settings to ensure that you've given Fruit Ninja permission to access your account. 

  • I lost my progress/items when updating/I accidentally uninstalled the game

We can easily return these things to the player if they provide us with their user ID (given from a support email)

  • How can I view my friends’ highscore and my own?

Players can access the leaderboards via Rankings button on the top bar once they’ve signed in to Facebook or Google+

  • Why can’t I restore my purchased Starfruit/Gold Apples?

Apple’s restore purchase function only restore non-consumable items, e.g. Blades and dojos but not currency

  • What is the difference between Fruit Ninja and Fruit Ninja Classic?

Starfruit and Golden Apples have been removed from Fruit Ninja Classic, but have been converted into XP to instantly level you up in the new version and unlock new items! (Note that your Starfruit and Golden Apples are still available in Fruit Ninja, so if you want to keep playing Fruit Ninja’s more modern incarnation, simply download Fruit Ninja for free and away you go!)

Also, the level cap in Fruit Ninja Classic has been raised from 30 to 100, and power-ups are still there, but now you can earn them by completing missions!

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