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Bears vs Art FAQs

  • When will there be more Adventure mode islands?

The Bears vs. Art. team are currently working on new things right now which don’t directly relate to new Adventure mode islands. We definitely want to create more Adventure islands for Rory’s adventurous fans but in the meantime, don’t hibernate, make sure you unlock Infinite mode and play all the unlimited Galleries you like.


  • My friend and I both have Bears vs. Art but our games have small differences?

The Bears vs. Art. team are testing different features within the game. Each player receives a random feature set which is why the two different installs of the game, may reveal unique visuals. Every version will eventually be painted with the same content but for now subtle differences are to be expected.


  • What do the different Power levels mean on my Costume?

So Powers can be unlocked by upgrading your costume via the Special button. Bear in mind, the harder the Power levels are to unlock, generally means the more visually or strategically rewarding the Power will be for the player.

  • A normal Power is easy to unlock.
  • A Rare Power is hard to unlock.
  • An Epic Power is very hard to unlock.
  • A Legendary Power is extremely hard to unlock.


  • How many times can I prestige Rory?

A player can prestige Rory as many times as they like, so you are far from caved in.


  • What do I get when I prestige?

When you prestige you can unlock new cool trails that follow you as you roll, massive coin rewards, extra energy spaces and other Permanent Powers that will assist you in slashing your way through all those Galleries forever!


  • How do I unlock the achievement Irony Loves Company?

All of the paintings in the game are of different types. You have to hunt for an Ironic painting then stare at it for 10 seconds without slashing it once.


  • Do I lose my current Costume Colour or Special if I try find a new one?

Yes, you will lose whatever Costume Colour or Special that particular costume has if you choose to spend your coins and see what other Colours and Specials you can find. This isn’t as grizzly as it sounds, as you may come across your new favourite Colour or Special and there is a small chance you’ll stumble across ones that you previously had equip.


  • What does it mean when the Power I unlock says I can use lightning or fire to destroy paintings?

There are powers that you can claw your way to via the Special upgrade on your costumes. Some of these mention you can destroy paintings with lightning or fire. This is purely cosmetic and it may mean you either have cool effects on Rory’s paws, effects on the paintings within the art galleries where they hang or even effects on paintings when they explode.


  • How do the Events come and go in Infinite mode?

A new Event is launched every three days in Infinite mode. Bears vs Art players will see the same events as each other within that three day window. If there is an Event due when you enter Infinite mode it will automatically start. You then have 24 hours to try and complete the event so you can feed your appetite for destruction all day.


  • How do the Stars work in Infinite mode?

Easier levels are rated one Star and they become harder all the way up to ten Star rated levels. When you complete a level in Infinite mode, depending on how many difficulty Stars it was rated, will equal how many Stars are added to your Total Stars Collected in your framed Infinite Mode Stats.


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