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Band Stars FAQs

  • How do you complete the Purple Piano part 2 challenge with Kurt? 

For this you need to make sure you are getting 100 or more points from a single solo with Kurt playing the keyboards.  So the player must put Kurt on the keyboards for a song and choose a high stat to do a solo on and then use the solo mini-game system to get 100 points or more from the solo. 


  • All the challenges had disappeared, now it's requiring me to hire a new band member for all 3 challenges.

It means that the player has finish all of the challenges for the characters in their current band.  To get more character challenges they must hire more characters.


  • How do you fire a band member?

There is no way to fire a band member but you can replace characters once you've unlocked the VIP Lounge. You can unlock new floors in the VIP Lounge using energy drinks.

To send a character to the VIP Lounge:

  1. Select "My Band" from the main game window
  2. Choose the character you want to remove
  3. Select "Go to VIP"
  4. Choose the character you would like to replace
  5. Press the arrow icon to switch places


  • I'm slightly confused. Why at the end of each challenge bar is there a picture of an energy drink with the number 10?

You can spend 10 energy drinks to auto-complete any challenge.


  • My game is not moving on to global chart, I got #1at local and national. It prompted me to hit the global chart but nothing happens after that.

You need to reach 10% popularity in World Tour mode to perform in the global charts


  • How do you invite friends to play with you?

You can view or invite friends by completing the following steps:

  1. Open Band Stars
  2. Navigate to the main recording studio
  3. Click the star in the top left corner (this appears below your current fan count)
  4. Tap "Charts" and select "Friends"
  5. Scroll to the bottom and hit "Invite!" if you would like to add more players


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