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Radical Rappelling FAQs

  • My mission counters aren't working

Mission counters will appear for objectives that are required to be met in a single run, however not over multiple runs. An example would be the mission "Collect 3 coin bags in a single run" will have a Mission Counter, however a mission that states "Collect 10 coin bags" will not.


  • The Auto-Roll seems to be stuck

Whenever you roll the Randomizer, it automatically turns on the "Auto" roll button that you see on it. After rolling the Randomizer, it is simply a case of pressing the "Auto" button to turn it off so that when the boosts expire, it won't auto-roll again


  • My Randomizer Boosts aren't working

The effects of any boosts you have upgraded are only active when the boost has rolled on the Randomizer board, otherwise you won't see the effects of the boost upgrade. This also applied to rare boosts that you obtain too.


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