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Fruit Ninja VR FAQs

  • Where do I stand?

Please try and stand in the center of the circle. You can move closer or further away from the fruit to where you feel most comfortable, but this is a great starting point.


  • How do you start the game?

Just slash one of these three fruit to begin.


  • How do I pause the game?

Press button 1 to activate the pause menu, and use 2 to navigate the pause menu.


  • Can I change blades and dojos like in the mobile version?

At the moment you can’t. However, the team is hard at work on bringing you these features.


  • How do I view my achievements?

You can view your achievement progress through the games page in your steam application.


  • How do I view the leaderboards

The leaderboard comes up at the end of each game mode. You can view your progress here.


  • I feel very short or too tall?

This is likely due to the VR headset not being calibrated correctly. Please run the room setup again.



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