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Birzzle Fever FAQs

1. I can't get a better score!

Tap on the screen only where there are 3 or more birds connected to each other.  Each tap not on birds grouped like this will cause the fever bar to drop.  Keep tapping the correct bird types to get into fever mode and earn even more points!  Even if you see a message appear on the screen (like “Max Combo”), keep tapping!


2. I keep playing but never seem to get anywhere.

Focus on leveling through high scores but most importantly, on completing missions. These will grant rewards allowing you gain better permanent bonuses.


3. I've stuck with the same bird to upgrade it to a high level but I still feel like I'm not getting enough out of it?

As soon as you can, upgrade to a two star bird by buying at least one other one star bird.  These two star birds are powered up, and will ultimately allow you to reach a much better score per game. Choose wisely!


4. I still can’t get a better score!

Consider buying one of the items during some runs.  If you have a good run you can earn back the coin cost of an item and then some!


5. Are there other ways to get rewards?

Keep up with the daily rewards by opening the app every day, you’ll eventually build up some nice rewards like coins which you can use to buy or upgrade your birds!


6. What are the keys?

Keys are special blocks that once collected will add to the key total. Collect five and unlock the bonus mode where even more coins can be earnt.


7. How can I stop ads from appearing?

Purchasing any of the Black Market items will stop ads from appearing.


8. What are Black Market items?

Black market items are in app purchases that can give huge advantages such as unlimited use of items for one day.  You’ll find them after some of the games played.


9. Tell me a secret!

You can start tapping on birds as soon as the level appears, even before the announcer says, “Ready? Go!”. This way you can get a precious extra moment to earn an even higher score!

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