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Dan the Man FAQs

Dan the Man? What’s that? Where can I find out more about Halfbrick’s newest brawler?

Dan the Man is Halfbrick’s newest release! If you enjoy retro arcade platforming action, and ridding the world of evil-doers, then this is the game for you!

You can find out more about Dan the Man at danthemangame.com or fb.com/danthemangame


Why does Dan the Man stage with Stage 8? What happened to the other stages?

Dan the Man starts at stage 8 as it is the first playable stage from Dan the Man YouTube series. You can find check out the other stages here


I hear there's going to be multiplayer? What can you tell me?

We are working on multiplayer now! Obviously it's not as easy as putting lego together, but the team is on it! The goal is to ensure that we test the tech to the extreme to ensure a great experience for all, so let's see how we go :)


Wait, if the game is Stage 8, will there be a Stage 9 to continue the story?

Absolutely! Stage 9 has been planned and the team is also working on implementing that too! As you've guessed, the team has a lot of work ahead of them! Stage 9 is looking to be released ASAP (sorry guys, no definite date as yet) but more information will be posted on our Facebook page as we have it.


I'm having problems with beating some of the bosses. What can I do?

Teach those bosses a lesson by learning how to beat them! How you might ask? Scope out our videos on Facebook to get the edge you need to be the boss of the bosses here!


What do I get if I buy Premium?

Two things: 

1 - NO ADS! EVER! Never again will your game be interrupted!

2 - The statues in game will now give you instant rewards! (Also did we mention no more ads?)

3 - Remove level timers!


I found an issue in the game. What should I do?

Please contact our awesome customer support team here. They will get back to you within 24-48 hours.


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